2005 Art & Technology Festival
Ideation Workshop

San Jose Convis
City of San Jose
Arts Council SC Co.
Fairmont Hotel
Friday, October 18, 2002
Steve Yamaguma
ZeroOne Tech Museum
San Jose Convis
Collaborative Economics  

The 2005 Art and Technology Ideation Workshop was initiated by civic and community leaders to create a world class Art and Technology Festival in downtown San Jose. With representatives from government, private sector, non-profit community service agencies, education and the arts, a wide variety of creative concepts emerged and began to take shape.

Mr. Damian Onses, Carona, a director with the Forum Barcelona 2004 joined the discussion and gave insight to what the City of Barcelona will be creating for their upcoming festival. www.barcelona2004.org

Lead by Collaborative Economics, the workshop generated a vision of possibilities that would embrace all sectors of the community and showcase art enabled by technology for which Silicon Valley is known.

For more infomation on the progress of the 2005 Festival, go to: ZeroOne: http://www.groundzero.org.

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