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  1. I have known both Flo Wong and Paul Fong for many, many years. Their vision and voice have helped make our community a culturally rich environment. Their work has inspired many to step “out-of-the-box” and express themselves in ways we could not do decades ago. And yet, as they say, “they’ve only just begun”.

    As Paul represents the largest state assembly district in Silicon Valley, I actually was not sure of the extent and boundaries of the district. So, I wanted to create a map that shows the district that Paul represents. In addition, for those who do not know Paul, I wanted to give a little more insight into his life and his involvement in our local community.

    As a part of Flo’s “made in usa: Paul Fong” exhibit, we created this interactive map that shows his district and his life. Please click on the “Pins” and photos to learn more about our esteemed legislative leader. (And if you have any issues that you want to discuss, please call his district office).

    So thank you Paul, thank you Flo, and thank you Jan for all your hard work and dedication for the Euphrat Museum of Art. And thank you to Tweety and Anne Marie for your help in creating this map.

    Steve Yamaguma, Design2Market

    • Steve: The Paul Fong 22nd Assembly District map that you and your design team created in conjunction with Friday’s unveiling of “made in usa: Paul Fong” added so much to the event. Thank you for making the map, which I had the personal pleasure of sharing with Paul’s mother, Mai. I am grateful for yet another collaboration that we have worked on together. May there be many more to come!

  2. Steve:

    Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on this map of Paul’s 22nd District and his spheres of activities. I like how you superimposed the map on top of the “made in usa” format, especially the sequins edging the map. It will be a lovely addition to tomorrow night’s unveiling of “made in usa: Paul Fong.” Looking forward to seeing you at the Euphrat!

  3. Thank you, Steve, for such a wonderful interactive map that brings together Flo Wong’s insightful art and a visual representation of Paul Fong’s story in and around our 22nd Assembly District. It adds another dimension. Flo’s “made in usa: Paul Fong” is powerful. We are so honored to host this event, working with all of you to bring together art, history, campus and community. Thank you, Paul, and thank you, Flo! It is a joy to work with you.

    Jan Rindfleisch, Euphrat Museum of Art

  4. Dear Honorable Fong:

    It is humbling to share this special experience with you, your family, Flo and our village.



  5. Great work on the interactive map Steve! I enjoyed the visual and the history of Paul Fong’s life. Flo’s piece was powerful and I am glad I was able to make the reception too!

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