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Play Ball!



Redback Networks
steps up to the plate at the
USTA Telecom Conference
Las Vegas, NV
October, 2004

TeamReadback: Redback marketing, US Exhibits, Design2Market

VS The Competition: TIME




Bottom of the ninth. Behind by 3 weeks. Redback was up against the biggest threat in the league: "Lack of TIME".

Fortunately, Coach "Red" just recruited two additions to the team: US Exhibits and Design2Market.

With a short strategy huddle, US Exhibits and Design2Market took the pitch and quickly sketched the playing field. "With a swing of the pencil, we're back in the game."


Next up, computer roughs detail size, space, material and construction issues.


The players take the field.


The crowd jumps to their feet, as the tension, and the artwork is building.


A line drive to center field. Bases loaded.

Graphics, produced, walls fabricated.


The players take the field as the stadium is being built.

Quality control in printing, fabrication and final construction is critical to the final outcome of the game.


The final pitch.

Graphics and signage are developed to boost the excitement.


Batter's up...

The pitch is good...


A swing... A hit... A drive to the left field fence...


And it's...







Team Redback beats back TIME, and is on the scoreboard for the Telecom Show.

Redback along with US Exhibits and Design2Market take the pennant and scores big-time.


Time for celebration.

The first place team celebrates their victory.


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US Exhibits and Design2Market
Put us on your team.