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Sustainable Communities

The concept of a sustainable community encompasses a holistic approach to looking at the world in which we live: the environment, the economy and social responsibility. To be truly sustainable, we need to look at all aspects of our community. The leaders in the green economy are working to engage the entire community to work towards this goal.

“…sustainability means finding ways to reduce, reuse and repurpose anything along their supply chain, leading hopefully to a leaner, cleaner—and greener—operation.” Sustainability–Seeing The Forest For The Trees

Sustainability is not just about showcasing the ability to reduce waste and finding alternative energy. It is about a whole community working together to improve the quality of life now and for generations to come. Silicon Valley is known for having the brightest minds and extraordinary innovators. It is also known for caring and passionate people who’s mission is to create healthy communities and and a great place to live.

This celebration of leadership, innovation and commitment to our community and future generations is what sustainable communities is all about. And it’s a first step towards our sustainable future. Design2Market would like to help you promote and communicate your efforts to create a more sustainable community.

Sustainability Portfolio


Silicon Valley Teal

Silicon Valley Teal is a platform for the community to voice their thoughts, strategies and programs to help make Silicon Valley a more sustainable community. Silicon Valley Teal is sponsored and managed by Design2Market.


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