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Tradeshow & Events

Trade Show Design and Services


The business-to-business marketplace is the trade show / expo forum. This is where the full cross-section of an industry shows up… from prospective customers, partners, vendors and suppliers, venture capitalists, competitors, to protential recruits, analysts and the media. “Standing out from the crowd” and promoting your brand and message that captivates an audience and draws them in is critical in this ever-congested market. We can help. From strategic planning to design and implementation, we can help you present your company, product/service whether you’re a small first-time participant or show veteran.

  • Trade show strategic planning
  • Budgeting and sourcing materials and vendors
  • Theme development
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Exhibit design, custom build, or rental
  • Management Services (coordination from ship to show, I&D and back)
  • Show promotions (advertising, promotions, specialties, direct mail)

Tradeshow and Events Portfolio

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