"The Trials and Tribulations of an
Internet Start-up."

Presented by Mable Yee
at the US-Japan Incubation Center, San Jose.
July 12, 2001.

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From ideas, conversations, notes, and sketches, Mable embarked on a 2-year journey in her quest to launch an Internet portal site devoted to Women and technology. With her own initial seed money, and the energy of her friends and family, she put her ideas to test and KiraCom was born. Quickly garnering accolades in the industry, she grew her company to 50 employees, and attracted venture capital to further the development and marketing. 

When the Internet bubble burst, she "re-engineered" her company to sell and license the technology they developed and patented. Unfortunately, the "whole world" crashed and burned, and the Internet itself became a model of re-invention.

Mable has graciously agreed to present her story of a dynamic, thrilling, fun-filled adventure where many have dreamed, some have tried, and only a few willing to share their experiences.

Thank you Mable Yee.

"Steve Yamaguma introducing, Mable Yee." Obscene valuations, everyone chasing the pot of gold...
Turning eyeballs into money... Selling the dream...
Strategies and insights. Realities of business... profitability.
How do we learn from our mistakes? Know your MARKET!
Special thanks to Mable Yee for her insights into the wild, "roller-coaster ride" of an Internet start-ups.

Thanks again to Gretski Lieberman, Blaine Carmen, Chiyokubo-san and the US-Japan Incubation Center.

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