LinuxWorld 2002 SF Moscone Ctr

Steve Yamaguma

Show Producer: IDG

Moscone Center, San Francisco
August 13 - 15, 2002

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The once rebel of techno-corporate America and flagship of opensource standards, LinuxWorld has evolved into a showcase of the technology frontier. With entries from all the major players dominating the show, LinuxWorld has a unique coming of age proposition: "how does one participate in the free opensource playing field, and yet make lots of money."

Sun is here. Intel is here. HP is here. Even Microsoft is here.

The market opportunities of server, desktop, and embedded environments make Linux an interesting platform to watch and a serious contender for market leader and global acceptance.

With Sun CEO Scott McNealy's very pointed jabs at not only Microsoft but Dell Computer in his keynote speech, Sun launched its Linux initiative full throttle, no holds barred.

Tech media CNET Radio (AM 910) covered the three day affair with insightful interviews from the corporate powerhouses to the diehard Linux advocates.



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