OKI Semiconductor

Embedded System Conference

Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Moscone Center, San Francisco

  Steve Yamaguma

OKI Semiconductor's foray into the embedded world took a new turn as OKI launched its microconrollers based on ARM. With a new look and a new positioning, OKI leaps out of the starting gate ahead of the pack of proprietary based microcontrollers and into a brave new world based on a standardized platform.

OKI's vision is the future will be the power of 32-bit ARM based processors at a priceand form factor designed for embedded applications such as automotive, audio, video, networking, communications, internet and networked appliances.

The Embedded System Conference in San Francisco is the forum for the companies who are engaged in building the infrastructure of the "connected world" to showcase their new technology. Companies including Microsoft, WindRiver, ARM, OKI Semiconductor and many others were out in full force. OKI Semiconductor introduced its advantage microcontrollers product line as well as new partnership alliances. (see OKI Semiconductor home)

Congratulations to Mary Morrison, Alain Dangerfield and all of the OKI marketing team.


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A few friends roaming the floor at the Embedded System Comference.
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