Brooks College
Career Panel

November 17, 2004


Melanie Kay

Brooks College Instructor



Mike Driggers
Montgomery Unleashed




Steve Yamaguma
President, Design2Market




Jim Poppy
Sr. Mgr. Marketing Coomunications
Network Appliance



With a full house of graphic designers and IT students at Brooks College, the 3 panelists, Steve Yamaguma, Mike Driggers and Jim Poppy fielded questions ranging from deep technical issues on designing a web pages to what motivated them from an early age to pursue a career in graphic design.

Led by the talented and effervesent Melanie Kay, the esteemed Brooks College instructor, it was a spirited discussion that could have lasted all night. With very diverse backgrounds and career paths, the panelists stressed that opportunities will continue to evolve as technology changes the way we execute design. But the bottomline principals of good design, marketing and communication are the key to differentiate good design from the "visual clutter" being generated by the masses who have the power of technology at the hands of their desktop.


Key points presented were:

1. You must have a good solid foundation and education of design

2. Good communication is critical

3. Technology will continue to evolve and influence what we do

4. New career opportunities will unfold in the future

5. Learn from people in the industry

6. It's all about successfully working in a team environment

All the best to the 2004 graduating class at Brooks College.