Design2Market News Update May 2005

OKI Semiconductor

Embedded System Conference 2005
Steve Yamaguma
Electronica / Embedded System Conference CMP
Moscone Center, San Francisco
March, 2005

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The World's Smallest ARM.

WCSP Chip moves OKI Semiconductor into a global leadership position

San Francisco, March 8, 2005. With limited time and maximum ambitions, OKI Semiconductor, Design2Market and US Exhibits focused on creating maximum exposure for the World Smallest ARM (chip). OKI Semiconductor has the unique distinction of being the first to introduce the world's smallest ASIC chip based on the ARM platform.

OKI Semiconductor exhibit deconstructed.

To draw attention to the booth, Design2Market created a large, 5 foot magnifying glass mounted atop a central tower. An image of the WCSP chip with its 8x8 ball count configuration was projected onto the lens of the magnifying glass.

Forming the backdrop for the booth was a 12 foot high by 20 feet wide mural showcasing the actual chip mounted on the wall for visitors to see. In addition, an 8 foot tall three dimensional wafer added depth and a sense of playfulness to the booth while creating a storage area for equipment and personal items.

With five presentation areas for demonstrations and a staging area for presentations on a large 42" video monitor, the exhibit pitched OKI into a leadership postion as it rolled out its new WCSP chip. A large 15 foot diameter sign hung from the ceiling crowning the booth and announcing OKI's new role as a leader in the ever evolving embedded marketplace.

For more information on the development of OKI Semiconductor's 20x20 booth for the Embedded Systems Conference, contact Steve at 408/744-6671 or send an email to:


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Concept Drawings of booth


1.jpg   10.jpg   2.jpg  
arm 4 9
3.jpg   4.jpg   6.jpg  
7 8 6
7.jpg   8.jpg   9.jpg  
3 10 2
arm.jpg   demo.jpg   demo2.jpg  
1 jim2 sign
DSC00002.jpg jim2.jpg     sign.jpg  

"The Making of..."

Concept designs and production drawings in the
development of the exhibit.
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