Softchaos at MacWorld San Francisco, Jan 2006

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Steve Yamaguma 1/10/06

Softchaos takes on MacWorld and the U.S. Market by Storm.

San Francisco, CA, January 10, 2006

MacWorld or Bust!
With only weeks to the show, Softchaos enlisted Design2Market to create their MacWorld 2006 presence at Moscone Center, in San Francisco, California.

Working by email, phone and FedEx, Design2Market and partner US Exhibits, kicked into high gear to craft Softchaos CEO Reza Farhad's vision of their 20x20 booth to showcase their new product, Webstractor.

Timing is everything.
Coordination of labor, electical and audio-visual services had to be timed perfectly to build the 16' tower, get it approved, and keep it in budget. With the seasoned support of union laborers Gene and Paul, the install went smoothly with "nary a hitch", resulting in the perfect enviroment for Softchaos to meet and greet their propective customers.

Key to making it happen.
The success of everything coming together on the install of the booth couldn't of happened without the support of the great staff at GES, especially Terry and her cohorts Sue and Mary, and floor manager Stuart.

Ready to go.
When the team from London arrived, the booth was ready for them to stage equipment and rehearse presentations. Jetlagged from the long flight, the team was re-energized by the clean, bright look of the booth and were ready to take the U.S. by storm.

On with the show!
After Steve Job's rousing keynote speech on Apple's switch to Intel processors, Softchaos was on, and so were the crowds. The energy and excitement was up, and Softchaos was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic Mac loyalists. "I was so busy selling Webstrator that I barely had time to take a breath..." exclaimed an excited Softchaos executive Veryan Hole. "This was a good show!"

With another successful show under the belt, we look forward to the next opportunity to help companies build, promote and sell in the U.S. market.

– sy

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