NEC at the Design Automation Conferance
San Francisco , CA, July. 24- 27, 2006


NEC at the IEEE EMC Symposium
Portland, OR, August. 15-17, 2006

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NEC takes the US by Storm.

San Francisco , CA, August 27, 2006

From Tokyo to San Francisco and Portland at the Speed of Innovation

San Francisco, CA September 11, 2006. The global technology powerhouse, NEC, unveiled its latest electronic design and test technologies to the U.S. marketplace at the recent Design Automation Conference (DAC) and the IEEE EMC Symposium 2006. Two divisions from Tokyo, NEC Infomatec Systems and NEC System Technologies, joined NEC TOKIN from Fremont, CA for this summer's two-show U.S. marketing expedition.

Under the leadership of senior manager Seiichi Eya, TEAM NEC introduced EMIStream, noise suppression software from NEC Infomatec Systems, Proadlizer and noise suppression hardware products from NEC TOKIN and the U.S. launch of CyberWorkBench, IC design software from NEC Systems Technologies.

In order to bring together all three divisions into a unified presence at the tradeshows, NEC recruited Design2Market to create an elegant but functional solution for their exhibiting needs. In addition, Design2Market provided logistical support coordinating all the promotional efforts and show services, enabling the sales team from Japan to arrive at a fully functional exhibit and just focus on working the show.

A Pan Pacific Alliance
Working long distance from Japan to California, Design2Market and NEC employed video conferencing and collaborative software tools to bring together the various parties to develop the strategies, exhibit design and implementation as well as the logistics and promotional efforts.

The 30' x 40' island booth for DAC showcased five different NEC product groups, and incorporated private conference rooms, a massive 16' tower, a cafe area, a full 10 seat theater with a 50-inch plasma screen and a mini-stage for the renown magician/presenter, John Ekin.

For the IEEE EMC Symposium, a 20' x 20' booth with 16' tower and a 50-inch plasma screen dominated the show floor populated by smaller 8' booths. "A co-operative effort and mutual understanding on all sides was essential in order to manage and execute the massive tradeshow effort," said Lior Taylor, project manager, Design2Market.

Both shows were a huge success garnering accolades from NEC team members, partners and show attendees. With the logistics, design and production of the exhibit taken care of, TEAM NEC had the opportunity to greet booth attendees, demonstrate their technologies and build relationships resulting in increased sales leads over previous shows.

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What do magic, playing cards and IC design and test software have in common?

Ask John Ekin, renown magician and show presenter who fronted the presentation of NEC's CyberWorkBench, design and test software at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) at Moscone Center in San Francisco this past August.

San Francisco, September 8, 2006. Master magician and presenter John Ekin was recruited by Design2Market, the Silicon Valley marketing design firm to be NEC's pitchman for the U.S. launch of CyberWorkBench, the IC design software developed by NEC Systems Technologies. John integrated slight-of-hand, card tricks, and other magic devices to draw in the crowd and educated them about CyberWorkBench in a fun and entertaining way. "What a fun way to learn about what this product will do for me," said an engineer in the audience.

CyberWorkBench's debut at the Design Automation Conference touted the ability to design and test ICs "All-In-C", the universal programming language, making the software accessible to a wider design engineer base as opposed to competitive proprietary software.

Design2Market created a mini theater for the presentation in NEC's 30'x40' booth. In addition to 5 demo stations, product displays with large plasma monitors and private conference rooms the booth featured a coffee cafe for casual meetings over coffee.

Veteran of the tradeshow/expo circuit, John Ekin has performed in theaters, cabarets around the world as well as special performances at the White House for the past four administrations. His unique ability to weave comedy and magic into a story that "sells" product has kept John in demand in the corporate arena for the past decade.

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