Savor Glass at the Unified Grape Symposium
Sacramento, CA, Jan. 24- 26, 2006

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Steve Yamaguma 3/20/06

Saver Glass shows their stuff at the Unified Grape Symposium.

Sacramento, CA, January 24, 2006

From the capital of wine making to the capital of California
From the far regions of Southern France, the premier glass bottle manfacturer, Saver Glass and it's Napa Valley marketing team converged on the capital of California with their latest in high end glass bottles for the wine and spirits industry. Unique, custom designed bottles created an array of shimmering color as they sparkled in a soft backlit setting.

In order to showcase their bottles, Saver enlisted the team of Design2Market and US Exhibits to create a simple but elegant exhibit.

Vision and direction
With the vision and direction of Erica Harrop, Saver Glass' marketing and sales executive the designers at Design2Market immediately began putting together a plan for their custom built 10'x20' exhibit.

As Saver Glass was stepping up from a 10x10 to a 10x20 space, it was decided to go with an interim modular booth at the Unified Grape Symposium and "test the waters" to determine the best way to showcase their bottles. This gave the designers feedback as to the size of the shelves, lighting, and space utilization. The modular booth was modified to accomodate the wide variety of bottles displayed. It also gave the team the opportunity to work out their presentations as well as the best way to organize their products.

While the initial showing at the Symposium was a huge success, the team went back to the drawing board to incorporate what they learned from the show. Fine tuning the layout and tweaking their presentation, Saver Glass will soon unveil their new exhibit to display their lastest custom designs for the U.S. market.


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