Stock & Option Solutions Launches new marketing program

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Steve Yamaguma 1/15/06

Stock & Option Solutions re-engineers their brand identity.

San Jose, CA, January 15, 2006

Stock & Option Solutions enters 2006 with a new look and new marketing strategy

After years of building business relationships, Stock & Option Solutions (SOS) decided to step back from their successful growth curve and re-examine their core values and focus on their vision of the future of equity compensation.

With input from clients, industry partners and analysts, SOS distilled their work to three important offerings:

People Solutions - the placement of Equity Compensation experts in the offices of their clients

Strategic Solutions - Planning and assisting customers for the longterm implementation of equity compensation

Technology Solutions - partnering with the leading technology providers in the industry SOS brings expertise in the integration of equity compensation management to enterprise systems

With that, SOS needed to rebrand it's image and launch the new identity at the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) conference last November, 2005 in Chicago.

Design2Market was called to assist in the rebranding of its identity. A reconfiguring of its corporate logo to bring more emphasis on the words "Stock" and "Solutions" while retaining the "SOS life buoy" icon.

Clients were notified of the change and the upcoming participation of SOS at NASPP in a direct mailing and advance advertising in the NASPP publication.

A new booth was designed to showcase their new messaging and the redesigned website was launched for the show.

2006 looks like a great year for this up and coming hot young company.

– sy

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