NEC at the Design Automation Conferance
San Diego , CA, June 5-8, 2007

Summer 2007

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NEC presents CyberWorkBench and EMIStream at the Design Automation Conference in San Diego, California

Season two for this winning combo from Tokyo, NEC Informatec Systems Ltd., developers of EMIStream and NEC Systems Technology, developers of CyberWorkBench.

The formidable team led by captains Sam Eya and "Jack" Wakabayashi as well as coaches Ted Takagi and Okada-san took on the DAC crowd at the San Diego Convention Center during the 2007 Design Automation Conference. "It was a tough crowd but we made alot of contacts and new friends," exclaimed Jack as he reminisced over the past 4 days of the show. General manager Yamauchi and operations manager Dave Kamiya were very pleased with the results.

All-stars "Harry" (Potter) Suzuki and "Ban-san" delighted audiences with their presented NEC's products and capabilities. Supporting casts included newcomer Eriko Yamato teamed with veteran Sylvia Shima as they introduce one of NEC ST's new product, the wrist TV.

The CyberWorkBench tool enables faster time to market for development of integrated circuits and has a proven track record in the Japan semiconductor arena. It is being introduced to the U.S. market and NEC hopes to find a suitable distributor of their product.


EMIStream is a design and test tool that helps reduce Electro Magnetic Interference while designing PCB systems.

Both products are being introduced to the U.S. market after building a solid customer base in Japan.

The DAC showing was supported by TechDream, the U.S. distributor for EMIStream, and Design2Market ( the U.S. marketing/design firm that planned, designed, and managed the tradeshow exhibit and event promotions.

With a large, 30'x40' island booth, NEC had 6 demo stations, a presentation theater showcasing magician / spokesperson John Ekin, ( as well as a coffee bar for casual conversations over a hot brew.

For more information on NEC's participation at DAC or their exhibit and promotions, contact Lior Taylor at or phone: (408)232-0440.

Partners Across the Pacific
Working long distance is daunting at best. And with language and culture differences another challenge, NEC's entree into the U.S. market can be a strategic nightmare. That's where the partnership of TechDream, Design2Market and NEC's marcom team became the critical link to the successful showing at DAC. Using Skype and other technologies, the team was able to over come many of the hurdles confronting them. For a full story of the process, contact Lior Taylor at:


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The NEC DAC booth featured 6 demo stations, a coffee bar and a presentation theater for John Ekin, magician/spokesperson.

john ekin The Magical Presence of John Ekin
Design2Market and John Ekin together have been providing creative ways to draw attendees to customer's booths. For NEC John has created exciting presentations for the past two DAC Shows. John brings over 2 decades of experience in using his magical marketing abilities to relate to customers ranging from Salespeople to CEO’s.

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