NEC at the IEEE EMC 2008 Conferance
Detroit, MI , CA, Aug. 19 - 21, 2008

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Team NEC takes on Detroit, hits a "Home Run with EMIStream"
and wins new customers and fans

Team NEC Hits a Home Run at The 2008 IEEE EMC Conference.

The NEC EMIStream Team was back with heavy hitters Yoshi Fukawa and Eriko Yamato of Techdream, Sam Eya, Silvia Shima, Julia Koyama, Hiro Yaguchi, and Ken Watanabe of NEC Informatec Systems, Jeff Rupert of ScanCad and Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market.

Presenting the upgraded version of EMIStream V3.10 for EMI solutions for PCB and PIStream for ultimate power integrity, the team hit the field running and didn't stop until the game was over.

An exciting 3 day event, the team quickly attracted visitors to "NEC" park, booth 726 with the invitation to "Hit a Home Run With EMIStream" baseball pitch. Guests lined up to try their turn at bat with the interactive WII baseball game. And in the final innings of the last day, a brand new Wii game was raffled off to a lucky winner.

Insights into the advantages of EMIStream for PCB design were presented in onsite demonstrations of the product. Limited trial software are available for testing. Contact Eriko Yamato at TechDream for more information


EMIStream is a design and test tool that helps reduce Electro Magnetic Interference while designing PCB systems.

PIStream is a power integrity tool for PCB to compliment its EMI Simulation software EMIStream.

Both products are being introduced to the U.S. market after building a solid customer base in Japan.

The IEEE EMC showing was supported by TechDream, and SanCAD, the U.S. distributors for EMIStream, and Design2Market ( the U.S. marketing/design firm that planned, designed, and managed the tradeshow exhibit and event promotions.

For more information on NEC's participation at IEEE EMC or their exhibit and promotions, contact Lior Taylor at or phone: (408)232-0440.

Noise Control for Real World PCB Design Seminar
At the close of the show, an indepth, exciting seminar with leading experts on EMC presented issues and technology advancements in the realm of EMC and PCB design. Lead by Professor Todd Hubing of Clemson University, the seminar attracted over 40 engineers in the PCB design field. Also presenting were Takashi Harada, Ph.D., NEC Labs, and Eriko Yamato of TechDream.

For more information on future seminars, contact Eriko at



The NEC EMIStream Team in action. A full "baseball themed" promotion helped build the brand awareness for NEC and EMIStream.


NEC and EMIStream Brands
The tandem brands of NEC and EMIStream are being well received in the U.S. marketplace. NEC, the global technology powerhouse is a household name, yet its foray into this EMC marketplace was cutting new ground. The NEC EMIStream team was formed to promote the EMIStream brand and NEC into the U.S. marketplace.

New marketing programs will continue to build the brand recognition of EMIStream and promote its technological advantages and benefits. For more information contact Steve at

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NEC 2008 - 2009 Season.
The NEC EMIStream team will continue its mission to bring EMI Software tools to the U.S. marketplace in the coming season. Exciting event updates, seminars and show participation will be posted. For more information, contact Lior Taylor at: