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Tohoku Insights

The March 10, 2012 Remembrance Vigil in San Jose’s Japantown, the ”One Year After” fundraiser at the Mission San Jose in Fremont, California, and other commemorative events gave many in the South Bay community the opportunity to connect with nonprofits, companies, and individuals involved in the rebuild and relief efforts in the Tohoku region of Japan.
In recognition of the two year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster we felt it was important to keep the awareness of the ongoing efforts to rebuild in the public’s eye.

“Tohoku Insights 2013: Live Conversations with Japan”, is an opportunity to get a first hand view of what is going on today in the ongoing efforts to rebuild the region devastated two years ago. This program is about learning, sharing, and supporting those people who are making a positive difference in their communities.

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